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Shahu CM Ghee

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We have always been told that cow milk and ghee made from it are better for our health. To keep your health fit, Shahu Agro presents Shahu Cow Milk Ghee. Pure, fresh and smooth. No adulteration, only healthy consideration. Enjoy the purity of Shahu CM Ghee.

Shahu BM Ghee


Feast of any festivity is incomplete without a spoonful of ghee on rice and daal. Pure ghee is the powerhouse of nutrition, so is Shahu Ghee. We surely can say, “A spoonful of Shahu Ghee every day keeps the doctor away”. It contains heart-healthy fats.  

Fast O Clean Hand Sanitizer


Fast O Clean Hand Sanitizer

Malai Pedhe


Just put it on your tongue and it melts this very instant. Shahu Milk Pedha owns the quality of being softer than your imagination. At the very first moment, it embraces your senses with love and you are overwhelmed with its smoothness next moment.  

Kale Til ladu


Kale Til ladu by Sudha Kadam



Metkut by Santoshi shete

Shahu Mango Burfi


Burfi. What a sweet name it is! It tastes deliciously the same as its name. The word ‘delectable’ feels like originated from Shahu Mango Burfi. Our fresh burfis are here to serve you with the delightfulness. Your life is going to be sweeter after having Shahu Mango Burfi.

French Vanilla


Start your day off with our classic treat – French Vanilla! The sweet flavor is perfectly complemented with bold espresso notes for a delicious coffee beverage!  This indulgent Coffee beverage is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth while savouring your daily Wandering Bean moment!

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