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Shahu CM Ghee

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We have always been told that cow milk and ghee made from it are better for our health. To keep your health fit, Shahu Agro presents Shahu Cow Milk Ghee. Pure, fresh and smooth. No adulteration, only healthy consideration. Enjoy the purity of Shahu CM Ghee.

Shahu BM Ghee


Feast of any festivity is incomplete without a spoonful of ghee on rice and daal. Pure ghee is the powerhouse of nutrition, so is Shahu Ghee. We surely can say, “A spoonful of Shahu Ghee every day keeps the doctor away”. It contains heart-healthy fats.  

Shahu Paneer


Whatever the menu is, just add some Shahu Paneer in it and the royal dish is ready! That’s the beauty of this paneer. Its squishy- squashy texture feels great and savours the awesome taste. This paneer holds a range of variety when we talk about the forms of recipes.

Shahu Khoya (Khawa)


Whenever you use Shahu Khoya in your dishes, you experience the ultimate happiness relishing in your mouth. Have it Gulabjamun or Gajar ka Halwa, Shahu Khoya never ceases to surprise you. Every dish is special, every dish is a celebration of joy. The must-have ingredient for your every sweet dish.

Rabadi Basundi 500gm


What makes basundi more special? Rabadi! Shahu Rabadi Basundi wears that special flavour in its taste as well as appearance. You generally drink basundi but not Shahu Rabadi Basundi. You drink it, you like it, you eat it too.

Shahu Srikhand


Sweet means… Shahu Shrikhand. Pure Indian dish by strained curd. Sweet and smooth Shahu Shrikhand is there to delight your every festive mood. You don’t need to have any special occasion to eat this. Just include it in your meal and see how the mood changes.

Shahu Amrakhand


Mangoes have their season, and it’s quite difficult to get them off-season. So what? Why worry when you have Shahu Amrakhand? Mango flavoured Shrikhand i.e. Shahu Amrakhand is a double treat for Shrikhand lovers. Now treasure the pleasure of mango whole year.

Shahu Basundi


Don’t like milk? Try Shahu Basundi. Basundi is sweetened thick milk. The silky smooth flavour drapes your heart slowly. Basundi is a dish made and popular in festival seasons and family gatherings. Now you can cherish the sweet flavour of it any time in the form of Shahu Basundi.

Shahu Full Cream Milk (FCM)


Even it has FAT, Shahu Full Cream Milk helps you to be lean. The nutrition value is so high you would always love to have it. We believe to deliver healthy and pure milk to our every beloved customer. Taste the creamy flavour of FCM every day and stay healthy.

Shahu Homogenized Toned Milk (HTM)


Having problem with milk fats? No worries at all. Shahu Homogenized Toned Milk is all you want. It contains comparatively less amount of fat yet it is rich in nutrients. People who are not in favour of drinking milk on a regular basis, our HTM is good news for them.

Shahu Homogenized Cow Milk (HCM) 500ml


Shahu Homogenized Cow Milk is beneficial for everyone. It savours the consistent creamy amount with every sip. This milk, though containing fat, is easily digestible. It is a high source of proteins. Even your kids can have it any time, with health and a mother’s love.

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