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French Vanilla


Start your day off with our classic treat – French Vanilla! The sweet flavor is perfectly complemented with bold espresso notes for a delicious coffee beverage!  This indulgent Coffee beverage is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth while savouring your daily Wandering Bean moment!

Bavarian Mint


Delicately refreshing!!! A trip down the memory lane, this drink is inspired by the taste of an After Eight mint with an espresso!Cool Mint, rich Chocolate, bold espresso, what’s not to love in this Mocha Mint Latte ! 

Vanilla Cinnamon


Want to maximize flavor without adding extra calories ??? Then this is  ultimate !!! This traditional favorite blends Creamy Vanilla with notes of Cinnamon for a taste thats beyond compare. It’s a smooth, slightly spicy sip that can recharge your day !!! 

Creamy Caramel


Create a delicious mug of Perfection with this irresistible blend of Caramel! If you love sweets this sweetly satisfying coffee wont let you down with it!

Nutty Hazelnut


Nuts about nuts ??? Get involved with the smooth taste of crunchy, toasted, roasted nuts through every cup of The Wandering Bean’s Nutty Hazelnut !

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