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Shahu Homogenized Toned Milk (HTM)

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Shahu Homogenized Toned Milk (HTM)


Having problem with milk fats? No worries at all. Shahu Homogenized Toned Milk is all you want. It contains comparatively less amount of fat yet it is rich in nutrients. People who are not in favour of drinking milk on a regular basis, our HTM is good news for them.

Shahu Homogenized Cow Milk (HCM) 500ml


Shahu Homogenized Cow Milk is beneficial for everyone. It savours the consistent creamy amount with every sip. This milk, though containing fat, is easily digestible. It is a high source of proteins. Even your kids can have it any time, with health and a mother’s love.

Shahu Dahi (Curd) – 200gm


Your daily dose of vitamins and calcium is here! A bowl of Shahu Dahi is all your bones can have. Tastes good, serves better. It has a great capacity of boosting your immunity and reducing your blood pressure. Its smooth texture and taste is the thing you never forget. 

Shahu Plain taak (Buttermilk) 500ml


Taak or buttermilk is a common drink every household possesses. Having it generally after a meal is common but it’s not the case with Shahu Plain Taak. This is full of nutrients, tasty and healthy. The good thing is you can enjoy it at any time.

Shahu Lassi 200ml


A fun trip with your group of friends must have Lassi. Shahu Lassi adds up the sweet flavour in your chats. It doesn’t just serve the taste, it helps you to maintain the health of your immune system and skin. With Shahu Lassi, please the taste buds and your skin too.

Shahu Masala Chaas(Masala Buttermilk) 200ml


The one thing you cannot miss after a very tasty meal- Shahu Masala Chaas! Though it contains Masala, it is specially made to have your stomach at ease. But that’s not the only occasion to have Shahu Masala Chaas. It helps your digestion every time you have it.

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